What Are The Best Weight Loss Programs In The United States?

The weight loss industry is filled with gimmicky and questionable supplements and weight loss plans. Fortunately, medical weight loss programs that are offered in specialized centers such as the one located at weight loss clinic listing birmingham al provide dieters with reliable and safe option for those who are looking to lose some weight.

Although these types of programs vary in time length, structure and intensity, these programs contain criteria that most dieters are looking for. They offer treatment plans that are backed by clinical research, and the programs are closely monitored by medical professionals such as doctors. There are several weight loss programs at the weightlossprogramsdirectory.com site that not only meet these criteria; they are considered to be the best in the United States.

Duke University’s Diet And Fitness Center

This center is considered to be one of the top medical weight loss programs in the industry. It also provides clients with an immersive experience. Clients attend sessions and classes from 5 days up to 4 weeks in length. However, those who remain in the program longer than two weeks receive additional tools to help aid in their weight loss including:

• Medical consultation
• Cooking classes
• Fitness instruction
• Behavioral therapy
• Lab tests
• Daily meals

The current price for this program is around $5000 for the two week program, $6600 for a three week program and around $7600 for a four week program.

The Medical University Of South Carolina (MUSC) Weight Management Center

Focus is the most popular weight loss program at The Medical University Of South Carolina, and the program can be completed in intervals of 15, 23 and 27 weeks. The plan is similar to the one that is offered at Duke University in that clients are provided with lab tests, personalized exercise and nutrition plans, fitness instruction and weekly meetings.

However, the plan also offers clients a pedometer, meal replacements and meetings with psychologists and exercise physiologists.
If a client needs to lose more than 100 pounds, the client can choose to enroll in the more intensive 30 week program. This program is called HealthFast.

The cost for the Focus program begins at $1170, and the HealthFast program starts at $2400.

The Cooper Clinic

Located in Dallas, Texas, the clinic offers a variety of weight loss management programs that are designed by MDs. The weight loss services that are included in the program are:

• Nutritional counseling
• Diabetes management
• Metabolic testing

These programs are combined with other fitness and diet programs that are offered at the Cooper Aerobics Center that is located nearby. The costs for these programs vary depending on the services that are provided and the length of the program the client chooses. Other programs in Texas are listed here http://weightlossprogramsdirectory.com/texas

The Ohio State University Center For Wellness Prevention

The weight loss program offered at this university is called The Living Well program, and it is divided into several phases. The first phase starts with a medical evaluation, assessments and consultations. The second and third phases place a lot of emphasis on fitness and how to manage weight loss long term.

These are a few of the credible and highly successful weight management programs in the United States. Those who are looking to shed a few pounds or lose a hundred can find a program that meets their needs.

The Garcinia Cambogia Method For Losing Weight

Garcinia Cambogia, which is a fruit grown on a small plant that is native to Southeast Asia, has become an absolute phenomenon in the weight loss world. Ever since Dr. Oz introduced Garcinia Cambogia on his television program as an effective weight loss supplement, the sales for it have skyrocketed and remained high for around the last 5 years.

Dr. Oz actually ran a clinical study on his own and it showed great promise. The results are in and the entire world has all jumped on its bandwagon and leading also to the Jessica Simpson weight loss diet. This product is sold in capsule form to the public. The recommended dosage is taking two capsules twice per day around one hour before meals.

There is an ingredient contained in Garcinia Cambogia that suppresses your appetite. That is why you don’t feel so hungry at meal time. It causes you not to eat as much food as you usually would. Over time, due to just this factor by itself, you will lose weight.

Second of all, the Garcinia Cambogia fruit contain Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). This substance is a highly effective fat burner. It metabolizes the fat content that you get from your meals before storing it inside the fat cells in your body. What that means is that a higher percentage of the fat that you consume gets burnt in the form of energy. It also provides you with a nice boost in your energy level every day that you take this supplement.

There are no real special requirements that you need to take such as going on any type of special diet or having to perform certain exercise regimens. You lose weight due to the major factors of the Hydroxycitric Acid working to metabolize the fat in your body and from your appetite being suppressed. Of course, if you would like to exercise or go on a diet, or even both, the benefit you will receive from using Garcinia Cambogia will be even greater.

Given the fact that numerous companies are marketing this product now, it is highly recommend that you take a supplement comprised mainly of the Garcinia Cambogia compound, instead of a product full of fillers and substitutes. Read the label on the product’s bottle and search for one that is nearly 100% pure Garcinia Cambogia if you possibly can.

Studies have been conducted using both people and lab animals, and they clearly demonstrate that using Garcinia Cambogia on a regular basis works very well.

It is also apparent that using Garcinia Cambogia causes either no or very few side effects. That is a very good thing since some individuals are allergic or sensitive to nearly anything falling outside of the things they are used to taking or consuming on a regular basis. Given the fact that nearly anyone can use this supplement, it’s definitely worth trying at least if you’re having problems losing weight and then maintaining your weight once you have lost it.

Taking only two pills prior to each of your main meals might not sound like a lot. However, if you really can lose a significant amount of weight simply by taking the pills, then maybe you’ll want to try out Garcinia Cambogia. It most likely will work for you also since it has for millions of individuals around the world already.

Burn Calories Fast With These Exercises

Everyone wants to be in shape and for those who are not, figuring out the fastest way to comment perdre du poids rapidement en un mois is the first thing on their mind. While there are no quick solutions or pilules magiques à baisser instantanément le poids, there are certainly exercises which happen to burn more calories per hour than chugging away on the treadmill. Read on to see a few examples of these power exercises and how one can incorporate them to maximize their workout effort.

A kettlebell may seem just like a normal weight with a handle attached to it but perform the kettlebell swing properly and one will see why it’s such a favored movement among hardcore fitness people. By just swinging the weight between one’s legs and upwards in an explosive smooth movement, one will activate a large amount of muscles including the important core muscles. This action done repeatedly and with slight variations such as doing it with individual arms can stimulate muscle growth while also providing a decent aerobic workout.

Rowing either on a machine or actually out on the water can provide a nice power packed workout. Stimulating multiple muscles at once, including some of the largest of the body such as the legs and back, help add up to burning those calories. The shoulders, neck, and arms also play a role in adding to the benefits. Again, cardio benefits are abundant with this exercise so maximizing one’s efforts is the theme so far in these exercises.

Sprinting and in particular bike sprinting. While riding a bike in itself is a low impact workout that one can lose weight with, it takes a pretty long time such as running a treadmill to burn those calories. Introduce a few sprints into the mix and now one has a power filled event. By pedaling as fast as possible to exhaustion then mixing it in with some “rest” periods while coasting, one helps activate deep fibers in the leg muscles and stimulate things down to the cellular level. The nature of this muscle recruitment on one’s whole system burns large amount of calories but also contributes to one being more lean. Definitely a goal we all have! Also, doing this on a bike versus running leaves one’s joints much happier in the process.

Kickboxing workout. Why be boring when one can kick their way to a fitter body? Kickboxing not only works out muscles normally not used when cycling or jogging, but also helps improve balance and coordination. Because of the nature of the workout which is usually held in a structured environment with trendy music playing in the background, a good number of people don’t even realize they are working out at all! Incorporating this can be fun as well as burn quite a few calories in the process.

As one can see, we’ve only mentioned a few exercises but they each burn more than the average amount of calories than the normally recommended workout routines. For those who don’t want to waste time and maximize their results, try one of these today.